Classic Hikes of the World

Guided Hikes with Peter Potterfield

How to do the Classic Hikes of the World with a world-class guide.

Most of the routes described in Classic Hikes of the World can safely be done by an experienced party of reasonably fit hikers without a guide. But for a handful of the hikes, particularly those that venture into high altitude, the local connections, mountain expertise and logistical support of a good guide service can prove invaluable.

A skilled and experienced guide service can enhance the enjoyment of doing the route by removing logistical problems, leaving the hiker free to enjoy the walk, and increase the safety margin, by monitoring the difference between ordinary altitude problems and serious ones.

Author Peter Potterfield has teamed with top guide operations such as Alpine Ascents International to offer guided hikes for many of the routes included in Classic Hikes of the World.

With prior, special arrangements, the author can even accompany a group of hikers on these routes.

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The Everest Trek
Mount Kilimanjaro

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On The Everest Trek
The Everest Trek: Leaving Namche